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From a CSR Report to an Integrated Report

Sanwa Holdings Corporation had issued a CSR Report every two years until 2014 to enable stakeholders to understand our CSR policy and activities. We combined the CSR Report with the Annual Report and issued an Integrated Report in 2016.
We would be delighted to hear your thoughts about our Integrated Report.

Integrated Report

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The employees of the Sanwa Group are not satisfied with the current situation and maintain a critical mindset in doing their jobs in order to continue to pursue their best work.
   We review results in terms of whether or not we did things as originally planned. If not, we think about the reason why we didn't get the results we originally planned for. Getting back to the basics such as increasing good aspects and improving bad ones is part of the PDCA cycle. PDCA SAKURA represents this concept as the Sanwa Group symbol. The design of the cover page also represents PDCA cycle implementation.

Data Sheet

Please refer to the Data Sheet for detailed information not included in the Integrated Report.

Sanwa Group ESG Data (PDF)