Products That Provide Safety, Security and Convenience

Products That Protect Lives

The Sanwa Group has an extensive lineup of products that provide protection from disasters such as fires and floods, and products that provide security. We will continue to develop products that are closer to people's lives and offer safety, security and convenience.

Protection from Fire Damage

In fires in places where large numbers of people gather, such as office buildings, department stores, schools and hospitals, it is important to prevent the spread of smoke and flames. Our fireproofing equipment, including fireproof shutters and fireproof doors, are linked with smoke and heat sensors, and close when a fire breaks out inside the building to stem the spread of the fire for a certain period of time.

Fireproof (Shutters)

Fireproof shutter (Sanwa Shutter Corporation)
"FireStar® Model 700" fire door (ODC Wayne Dalton brand)

Fireproof (Doors)

Steel door (Sanwa Shutter Corporation)
Novo Fire® fire proof glass door (Novoferm Group)

Protection from Flood Damage

In recent years, Japan has seen an increase in flood damage from large-scale typhoons and sudden, record-breaking torrential downpours. As a measure to prevent such urban flood damage, Sanwa's waterproofing products contribute to the safety of cities by offering flood protection for the entrances of buildings and underground shopping malls.

Water Guard Waterproof Shutter (Sanwa Shutter Corporation)
Water Guard Double-tight Door (Sanwa Shutter Corporation)

Peace of Mind in Daily Life

Safety Measures

The Sanwa Group provides products focused on access systems such as shutters and doors, and prioritizes the safety of users above all else. To ensure safety even in unlikely situations, we offer products that come with additional safety functions as standard equipment.

Standard device to prevent sudden falls (Sanwa Shutter Corporation)
Standard obstacle detection device (Sanwa Shutter Corporation)

Crime Prevention (CP specifications)

Shutters and doors are often installed in the openings of buildings, and may be targeted by burglars or other intruders. Many intruders give up if it takes longer than five minutes to break in, so this "five-minute wall" is the key to preventing break-ins. Building components recognized as having break-in resistance in excess of five minutes are certified as "Building Components with High Crime Prevention Performance," and are permitted to use the CP Mark. Sanwa Shutter offers many products with excellent crime prevention performance.

Garage shutters (Sanwa Shutter Corporation)
Condominium doors (Sanwa Shutter Corporation)

Convenient for Everyone (Universal Design)

The Sanwa Group's access systems are designed with the assumption that they will be used by various people in many different situations. To give shape to security and convenience, we develop "human-friendly" products, such as products with child safety features, and offer them to society.

"Smood" series of lightweight suspended sliding doors for medical and welfare facilities (Sanwa Shutter Corporation)
Restroom Booth for Kindergartener 「TL14R」
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