Environmental and Social Contribution Activities

Basic Approach

The Sanwa Group conducts its business activities in coexistence with the environment and the local community. As a good corporate citizen, we contribute to a sustainable, affluent society.

Environmental Policy (Sanwa Group Environmental Policy)

Basic Philosophy

As globally integrated manufacturers of building materials, the Sanwa Group contributes to the realization of an enriched society capable of sustainable development through environmentally responsible business activities and the supply of environment-friendly products and services.

Basic Policies

  1. Comply with legal systems and other requirements related to the environment, and communicate with society.
  2. Appropriately assess impacts on the environment, set objectives and goals, and continuously work for the preservation and improvement of the environment.
  3. Promote conservation and recycling of natural resources and energy, and endeavor to prevent pollution, for example through the reduction of waste.
  4. Actively promote the development of environment-friendly products, and endeavor to improve our technological level further.
  5. Endeavor to raise the awareness of environmental preservation of all people working for the Sanwa Group by ensuring they understand this Environmental Policy and providing them with information about the environment.
  6. Encourage the companies that cooperate with us in our business activities to undertake environmental preservation initiatives, and endeavor to support their efforts to do so.

In order to promote the above policies, we will endeavor to implement, maintain and continuously improve our environmental management system.