Overview by Segment

Composition of Net Sales by Segment

  • Region
  • Residential/Non-residential

Note: All percentages are approximate.

Breakdown by Segment

Main Products Handled Major Companies
Residential Condominium doors, Window shutters, Exterior products Sanwa Shutter Corporation & Domestic subsidiaries
Non-residential Heavy-duty shutters, Steel doors, Partitions, Stainless steel products
Residential Garage doors, Operators ODC
Non-residential Overhead doors, Automatic doors, Truck/trailer doors
Europe Residential Garage doors, Hinge doors Novoferm
Non-residential Industrial doors

Overview by Segment


Sanwa Shutter Corporation:
We expect strong sales of heavy-duty shutters and doors for commercial buildings and condominiums, partitions and other products, fueled by the projected continuation of growth in construction of non-residential facilities such as offices, distribution centers and factories. In addition, the pullback in demand from the temporary surge at the end of the previous fiscal year ahead of the consumption tax increase has been limited.

Domestic subsidiaries:
Showa Front Co., Ltd., Okinawa Sanwa Shutter Corporation, Sanwa Tajima Corporation and other subsidiaries are benefiting from robust demand for products for stores and offices.

North America

The residential market continues to recover, and demand for garage doors and garage door openers is strong. Demand is also projected to grow for commercial-use doors, reflecting increasing investment in non-residential facilities such as distribution centers and factories. However, construction of schools, hospitals and other public facilities is expected to be slow due to cutbacks in public spending.


While the German economy has bottomed out, conditions in France, the Netherlands and other countries remain difficult. The Novoferm Group is projecting solid performance as a result of new product rollouts.