Frequently Asked Questions

1. Corporate Information

When was the company established?

The company was established on April 10, 1956 as Sanwa Shutter Manufacturing Co., Ltd., which manufactured and sold shutters in Amagasaki, Hyogo Prefecture.

What is the origin of the company's name?

The company was named for its original location when it was established: the Sanwa Odori shopping street in Amagasaki, Hyogo Prefecture.

When was the company's stock first listed?

Our stock was listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in September 1963, and on the Second Section of the Osaka Securities Exchange in February 1968. We were then listed on the First Sections of both exchanges in July 1970.

In May 2009, our stock was delisted from the Osaka Securities Exchange, and is now listed only on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

What is the company's philosophy?
What is the regional breakdown of the Sanwa Group's global sales?

Sanwa Group Net Sales by Region

Net Sales*
Major Companies
Japan 207,896 Sanwa Shutter Corporation
& Domestic subsidiaries
112,815 ODC
Europe 64,962 Novoferm
Group total 385,673

Composition of Net Sales

*Unit of regional sales: Millions of yen. Sales figures are after consolidation adjustments.

What are the net sales and market share of key products in Japan?

Net Sales of Key Products

Market Share of Key Products

Heavy-duty shutters 1
Lightweight shutters 1
Commercial buildings
and condominiums
Window shutters 3
What are the net sales and market share of other products in Japan?

Net Sales of Other Products

Market Share of Other Products

Partitions 5
Stainless steel
Aluminum store fronts 2
What kind of companies are in the Sanwa Group?

Below are examples of construction and products handled by our main domestic group companies.

Showa Front Co., Ltd.
A leading store front company, Showa Front offers front and side facades combining sashes, windows, folding doors, automatic doors and other components for buildings such as restaurants, car dealerships, retail shops and hospitals. The company handles every process from design to installation, mainly for aluminum products.
* "Front" refers to the exterior facing of a store, mainly the front face
Examples of
BMW Tokyo
Aoba Approved
Car Center
Misumi Clinic
Sanwa Tajima Corporation
Handles mainly stainless steel fittings*, exterior facings of buildings, ornamental metals of buildings, monuments, and other products.
* Fittings are equipment installed on openings such as doors and windows.
Examples of
Entrance of
Tokyo Metropolitan
Government Building No. 1
Daiba Frontier Building
Yao-shi Peace Memorial
Venix Co., Ltd.
Manufactures aluminum partitions between toilet stalls, etc., and clean rooms.
Examples of
Toilet Stalls Aluminum Partitions Clean Rooms
Showa Kensan Co., Ltd.
Manufactures automatic door operators.
Examples of
Seven-Eleven store FamilyMart store UNIQLO store
Tajima Metalwork Co., Ltd.
Top manufacturer of residential cluster mailboxes, etc.
Examples of
Mailboxes Parcel delivery boxes Plate systems
Overhead Door Corporation (U.S.)
Specializing in garage doors, industrial doors and door openers*, this company is an industry leader with a nationwide network of more than 400 distributors.
* Door openers are motors that open and close overhead doors by raising and lowering them along guiderails.
Examples of
Residential garage doors Commercial/industrial doors Openers*
Automatic doors Doors for vehicles
Novoferm Group (Europe)
The Novoferm Group is Europe's second-largest manufacturer and seller of doors, garage doors, industrial doors and related products. It has manufacturing bases in Germany, France, the Netherlands, Italy, Poland, Spain and South Korea, and operates throughout Europe as well as South Korea.
Examples of
Doors Residential garage doors Industrial doors
What are the net sales and market share of products for U.S. subsidiary ODC?

Net Sales of Products for U.S. Subsidiary ODC

Market Share of Products for U.S. Subsidiary ODC

Garage doors & commercial doors
garage doors
overhead doors
Door openers
door openers
door openers
Automatic Doors
Automatic Doors 3
Truck and Trailer Doors
Truck and trailer
overhead doors
What are the net sales and market share of products for European subsidiary Novoferm?

Net Sales of Products for European Subsidiary Novoferm

Market Share of Products for European Subsidiary Novoferm

Garage doors 2
Industrial doors 2
Doors & door frames 2
What are the characteristics and trends of the main industries of the Sanwa Group?

Shutter Industry (Japan)
The shutter industry in Japan is an oligopoly, with the Sanwa Group and three other companies holding about a 90% share of the market for both heavy-duty shutters (relatively large shutters for buildings, factories, warehouses, etc.) and lightweight shutters (relatively small shutters for garages and shops). We have the top market share for both heavy-duty and lightweight shutters.
Virtually all of our products are made to order. Moreover, a key factor is our nationwide network, which allows us respond flexibly to delivery requests. In addition, installation of our products requires specialized skills. We have therefore built a strong installation network with more than 3,000 installation technicians throughout Japan. We also actively provide training and education to develop younger installation technicians.
As for the market environment, sales volume of heavy-duty shutters declined sharply due to the global recession that began in the second half of 2008, but is now on an upward trend driven by the recovery of construction investment and reconstruction demand after the Great East Japan Earthquake. Sales of lightweight shutters remain in a long-term downward trend, partly due to the decline in individually owned stores and the expansion of convenience stores. In recent years, lightweight shutters have also been increasingly installed in garages of single-family detached homes.

Door Industry (Japan)
Compared with the shutter industry, the door industry has many smaller-scale manufacturers. We make most of our doors to order, but there are also companies that manufacture standardized products. As a latecomer to the industry, we have taken advantage of our made-to-order production to expand sales by responding flexibly to the requests of developers and design offices with heavy-duty doors, primarily individual front doors for condominium buildings, doors for medical and welfare facilities, and fire doors for commercial facilities and other buildings. As with our shutters, installation of doors is handled by our nationwide network installation technicians.
In the market environment, the decrease in volume caused by the global recession continues unabated, but demand is continuing to expand primarily for doors for offices, reflecting the gradual recovery in the housing market and private capital investment, as well as doors for medical and welfare facilities.

Garage Door, Commercial Door and Door Opener Industry (North America)
In Japan, the most common type of shutter is one in which the shutter is wound up and stored in a case installed above the opening. In Europe and North America, however, shutters are typically pieced together into horizontal panels and pulled up along a rail until they are level with the ceiling. We produce this type of shutter primarily as a standardized product rather than the made-to-order products we manufacture in Japan.
Overhead Door Corporation (ODC), a U.S. company we acquired in 1996, is an industry pioneer established in 1921. ODC has more than 400 distributors throughout the United States, and its customers include major home improvement stores, large commercial facilities, construction companies, and installation companies that provide installation services directly to households.

Door, Garage Door and Industrial Door Industry (Europe)
The European door industry, like that of the United States, is a market in which standardized products are dominant. We acquired Novoferm, the number-two door and garage-door company in Europe, in October 2003. By country, Germany accounts for about half of Novoferm's sales, followed by France, Italy, the Netherlands and other countries. Our main competitors in Europe are Hörmann KG, a major German company, and Assa Abloy, a major Swedish company, among others.


2. Management Policies and Strategies

What is your medium-to-long-term management strategy?

In our "2012 Vision," our long-term management vision from fiscal 2001 to fiscal 2012, we focused on advancing globalization and strengthening product diversification. In fiscal 2013, the Sanwa Group established a new long-term management vision, "Sanwa Global Vision 2020," to evolve from the early stage of global management to the next stage. We are now taking steps to maximize our corporate value.

Sanwa Global Vision 2020

To offer products and services that provide safety, security and convenience as a "Global Major Player" in the access systems industry.


  1. Become the definite No.1 brand in Japan, USA and Europe.
  2. Establish a business model for service business.
  3. Expand shutter & door business in emerging markets, spotlighting Asia, and make them grow to be top brands.
  4. Promote realization of global synergy in global markets.

Under the long-term vision, we started the Second Three-Year Plan in fiscal 2016 with the goal of strengthening competitiveness as a "Major Global Player" over the three years. The plan contains the following major initiatives.

Priority Policies

  1. Strengthen our competitiveness and establish top brands in Japan, the U.S. and Europe
  2. Strengthen our service segments and expand our business model
  3. Strengthen our Asian business base
  4. Realize a competitive advantage through our global operations
  5. Maintain and improve our corporate culture to earn the trust of society

The entire Sanwa Group is working to achieve these priority policies.

What are your initiatives in the area of corporate governance?
How are you addressing corporate social responsibility (CSR)?

To meet our corporate social responsibility, we have established a CSR Promotion Department to promote CSR throughout the Sanwa Group.


3. Financial Results

When does the company's fiscal year end?

Our fiscal year ends on March 31, and we announce results quarterly. The results of our U.S. and European subsidiaries (ODC and Novoferm) are included in our consolidated quarterly results with a three-month lag because their fiscal years end on December 31.

1Q Results 2Q Results 3Q Results 4Q Results
Sanwa Shutter Corporation Apr.-June July-Sept. Oct.-Dec. Jan.-March
Domestic subsidiaries Apr.-June July-Sept. Oct.-Dec. Jan.-March
ODC (USA) Jan.-March Apr.-June July-Sept. Oct.-Dec.
Novoferm (Europe) Jan.-March Apr.-June July-Sept. Oct.-Dec.
Where can I find the company's earnings information?

After each earnings announcement, we post business results on the Investor Relations section of our website.

When does the company announce its business results?

We announce results quarterly. The timing of announcements is early May for the full fiscal year, late July for the first quarter, early November for the first half, and late January for the third quarter.

I would like to see the annual report.
What are the potential risks that could impact business results?


4. Inquiries

Who should I contact about investment-related information such as business results, management policies, and the schedule of results announcements?

Inquiries about investment-related information should be directed to the following contact.
Please make your comments or questions as specific as possible.

Hours: 9:00-17:00, except Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays, and the New Year holiday period


Sanwa Holdings Corporation
Public Relations Section, IR Officer
Shinjuku Mitsui Building, 52F
Nishi-Shinjuku, 2-1-1 Shinjuku-ku
Tokyo 163-0478