• Company Outline

Company Outline

Providing Safety, Security and Convenience through Access Systems

Protecting customers from disasters and accidents, and bringing convenience and comfort to customers in their daily lives is the Sanwa Group’s mission. To continue to deliver that value, our access systems must meet the expectations of customers at all times. In other words, our responsibilities include not only development, production and the sale of products, but also extend to installation, maintenance and service. Meeting those responsibilities and realizing safety, security and convenience worldwide is our approach as a major global player in the access systems industry.
To achieve this, the Sanwa Group has been focusing on two themes, globalization and a multi-product sales strategy. We currently have business operations in 27 countries and regions. We have established a leading position in our three major regions of Japan, North America and Europe, and have also expanded our business areas and product lineup to meet diverse needs. Yet we are still not satisfied.
We intend to further speed up our globalization and multi-product sales initiatives to deliver safety, security and convenience to the world.