Information Security

Sanwa Holdings Corporation and its domestic group companies ("we") fully recognize the importance of protecting information. To guard against the risk of information leakage, loss or misuse, we have established information security regulations, as well as rules and instruction manuals for handling information. We take all reasonable precautions when handling information and strive to manage it appropriately at all times. In addition, we have established this Information Security Policy to ensure that we earn the trust of our customers and society by complying with these rules and regulations. We will make every effort to maintain information security by complying with this Information Security Policy and our Social Media Policy, and by protecting and appropriately handling information assets.

Information Security Policy

1. Compliance with Related Laws and Guidelines, etc.

We comply with laws, national government guidelines and other standards related to information security.

2. Establishment of Organizational Systems for Information Security Measures

To appropriately manage information assets, we will establish organizational and management systems that take into consideration the nature and scale of business.

3. Implementation of Security Measures

When using, managing, providing, deleting or disposing of the information assets we acquire, we will comply with the prescribed regulations and detailed rules and take all reasonable measures to ensure that the information assets are handled appropriately.

4. Audits

We will establish a system to enable internal audits of compliance with this Information Security Policy and information security regulations, detailed rules for handling information and instruction manuals, and will regularly conduct such audits.

5. Inquiries

For inquiries about the handling of information assets in the Sanwa Holdings Group, please contact the Corporate Communication department (Secretariat of Information Security Countermeasures Council) of Sanwa Holdings Corporation.

Sanwa Group Information Management System

Revised Dec.1, 2021

Social Media Policy

Sanwa Holdings Corporation and its Group companies in Japan (the “Sanwa Group”) comply with this Policy when running its official social media accounts and when Sanwa Group employees use social media.

Basic Policy on Social Media

Sanwa Group employees will adhere to laws and regulations and the Sanwa Group’s mission and code of conduct when using social media, and will conduct themselves as good members of society and strive to engage in appropriate communication with all stakeholders.

Understanding the Nature of Social Media

Users of social media should understand that information disseminated on the Internet is accessible by a large undefined number of users, that information, once posted, may never be completely erased, and that an individual’s postings may have a considerable impact on society. In addition, users will refrain from posting about the state of the Group’s business, non-public information, content that includes personal information, and content that infringes upon the copyright or intellectual property rights of others. Users must maintain a constant attitude of attentiveness and be conscious of their own behavior and responsibilities as a member of the Sanwa Group.

To Users of Social Media

  • 1.Information on our official accounts is valid as of the time of posting and may be changed, suspended or discontinued without notice.
  • 2.Information posted by an employee of the Group to social media does not necessarily represent our official announcements or official position. Official announcements and official positions are made via the Group’s own website, news releases and so on.