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We will continue to tackle new challenges to achieve our mission of bringing safety, security and convenience to the world.

Yasushi Takayama
Representative Director, President
Sanwa Holdings Corporation

Providing smart entrance solutions globally

The Sanwa Group conducts business in 27countries and regions around the world; in Japan, North America, Europe and Asia. In each country, our mission is to contribute to society by offering safety, security and convenience.
We have been at the forefront of the industry in Japan in pursuing globalization with initiatives including the acquisitions of Overhead Door Corporation, the leading U.S. door and shutter brand, and the Novoferm Group, the number-two door and shutter manufacturer in Europe. In addition, we have expanded our business areas and product lineup to meet diverse needs and we have built up a strong presence as part of our multi-product sales strategy.
In fiscal 2022, the Sanwa Group launched the long-term vision statement Sanwa Global Vision 2030 to further increase corporate value. Sanwa Global Vision 2030 has the slogan “To Be a Global Leader of Smart Entrance Solutions.” Specifically, we will provide smart entrance solutions around the world that meet the changing needs of society due to factors that include climate change and digitalization. By improving our management of sustainability and strengthening our human resources, we intend to be a corporate group that is highly valued by all stakeholders.

Implementing the PDCA Cycle at a Higher Level for Lasting Value Creation

The Sanwa Group continues to emphasize “reliable business performance and reliable management” and the “promotion of the PDCA cycle.” Growing the business to increase trust in the Group’s business performance and securing a management foundation that is trusted by society ensures that we are chosen by customers and that we attract and retain talented employees. These outcomes in turn are link directly to improving our corporate value. “Promotion of the PDCA cycle” is already a firmly rooted concept among Sanwa Group employees wherever we operate. The key to success in achieving goals is to accurately implement the PDCA cycle in everything we do. In an operating environment that is likely to become increasingly challenging, we will focus our efforts on improving and accelerating the PDCA cycle.

The word “sustainable” is often used these days, but all companies start out with the intention of lasting forever. That is what they aim for. Products, people and systems all have life spans, and striving to ensure that the company prospers forever while connecting and renewing those elements is what management is all about.
I am proud that the Sanwa Group has so many companies that have continued to contribute to society for so long, and I am committed to sustainable management that will overcome the various issues we will face in the future. We will continue to tackle new challenges to achieve our mission of bringing safety, security and convenience to the world.