Sustainability Management

Basic Approach

We believe that being actively involved in global social issues, including decarbonization, human rights, and racial inequalities and promoting initiatives to resolve them is both a mission and a responsibility of companies that are supported by limited resources and multiple supply chains as they go about their business activities.
The Sanwa Group has been supporting safety, security, and comfort in people’s daily lives through shutters, doors, partitions, and other products and services since before the words sustainability and SDGs came into widespread use. Originally, shutters were designed to prevent crime, but over time, the requirements have come to include fireproofing and smokeproofing as well as antiseismic intensity. Newer requirements include waterproofing for torrential rains and wind resistance for increasingly intense typhoons. Additionally, our automatic doors and partitions can contribute as a measure to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in an increasingly wide range of applications. We believe it is important to respond quickly to social issues and needs in the chaotic and rapidly changing environment of today.

Against this backdrop, in August 2021, we established the Sustainability Committee chaired by the Representative Director and President of Sanwa Holdings Corporation for more agile and speedy initiatives related to sustainability.

This committee manages progress toward the KPIs on ESG material issues, deliberates on individual actions, and promotes initiatives that address sustainability by regularly reporting to the Board of Directors.

Promotion Framework

Organization Chart

Stakeholder Dialogue and Collaboration

Stakeholder Major Means of Dialogue and Collaboration
Customers Operating activities, Customer center, Repair-related service, Exhibition, etc.
Employees Employee awareness survey, Employee performance review, In-house magazine, Training program, Company event, etc.
Installers In-house magazine for installers, Safety-related meeting, Training program, Contest, etc.
Business partners/Suppliers/Distributors Operating activities, "Sanwakai*", Distributor meeting, Field survey for supplier, etc.
*This organization consists of partner companies, such as suppliers, and others.
Local Communities Community cleanup, Volunteer activities, Factory tour, Art class, Event sponsorship, etc.
Shareholders and Investors General meeting of shareholders, Financial results briefing, Briefing for individual investor, ESG Briefing, Factory tour, etc.

Sanwa Value Creation Model