Our Mission, Our Values and Principles of Business

Our Mission

The Sanwa Group is committed to offering products and services that provide safety, security and convenience to further contribute to the prosperity of society.

Manji Takayama founded Sanwa Shutter with a fundamental ethos of passion, trust and diligence. We have earned the trust of society by not taking the easy road as we steadily build the foundation of the Company.

The Sanwa Group formulated its mission, values and principles of business in 2002 in light of its corporate growth and business expansion. We are focusing on safety, security and convenience in providing products and services that satisfy customers.

Our Values

  • To deliver products and services to satisfy all customers.
  • To become a true global player and be highly valued in each market in the world.
  • To bring together the creativity of each individual in a team environment for the enhancement of corporate value.

Principles of Business

  • We implement business activities with appreciation and sincerity to increase our customers’ trust.
  • We produce products with good quality and reasonable cost meeting domestic and overseas needs and establish the leading brand.
  • We forecast our customers’ future needs and always try to improve the technical level and productivity in every division.
  • We comply with the rules and make our workplace friendly, open, challenging, and rewarding.
  • We are driven by inspiration, strive to achieve our high level goals, recognize our roles and responsibilities, and contribute to the creation of corporate value.

Compliance Code of Conduct Basic Principles and Spirit

  • 1. The Sanwa Group must conduct company activities with top priority placed on the safety of the products and services that we provide.
  • 2. The Sanwa Group will not seek profi t through actions that violate the Compliance Code of Conduct.
  • 3. All management personnel and supervisors of the Sanwa Group will take the lead in observing the Compliance Code of Conduct, and will act in such a way as to be a good example for the staff under them.

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