Contributing to Disaster Prevention through Products and Services


The Sanwa Group aims to safeguard the valuable lives of people and realize a more affluent and comfortable society by providing products and services that contribute to the safety, security and convenience of customers around the world.
We will contribute to the realization of a sustainable, enriched society through the development and provision of products and services that protect people’s lives and property from disasters and by promoting ways to lessen the impact of disasters.

Products That Protect Lives

  • Safe living with protection from disasterSafe living with protection from disaster
  • Secure living with protection from crimes against people and propertySecure living with protection from crimes against people and property
  • Comfortable living through easy-to-use access systemsComfortable living through easy-to-use access systems

The Sanwa Group’s Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) philosophy centers on contributing to society through our core business.
We believe that our company policy of providing products and services that bring safety, security and convenience to society will help solve social issues and lead to the creation of corporate value.
Through our multi-product sales strategy, we offer a diverse array of products to society, aiming to solve issues affecting people’s lives such as those mentioned above.

Sales Progress of Products Contributing to Disaster Prevention (Consolidated)

Disasters such as fires and earthquakes disrupt the safety, security, convenience of society; destroy buildings and other property; and sometimes claim lives. It is crucial to take precautions to minimize damage if a fire occurs, reduce risk by preparing for earthquakes, and to secure a “lifeline” against power outages that accompany these disasters.
The Sanwa Group supplies, worldwide, a broad range of products that protect lives and property from fires, earthquakes, and other disasters.
In our Long-Term Vision and Mid-Term Management Plan announced in May 2022, we set a new target for the net sales of products contributing to disaster prevention for FY 2024. For our maintenance and service business, which plays an important role in maintaining the function of disaster prevention in buildings, we also set a new target for FY 2024, aiming for profit growth through business expansion. and contributing to the realization of "sustainable, resilient communities".

FY 2024 Targets (Consolidated)

Sales of products contributing
to disaster prevention

¥ 81 billion

Sales of maintenance
and service business

¥ 76 billion

Products contributing to disaster prevention
FY 2018~2022 Sales Progress (consolidated)

Maintenance and service business
FY 2018~2022 Sales Progress (consolidated)

Disaster Prevention Product Group

Products that are fireproof, smokeproof, and fire-resistant as well as products that are seismic-resistant and those designed to keep functioning during power outages, all which contribute to the mitigation of risk or damage caused by fires, earthquakes, and power outages.

    <Product Lineup>
  • Fireproof/Smokeproof Shutter, Fireproof Door (condominium/heavy duty), Fire-resistant Panel, Fire-resistant Partition, Fireproof Window Shutter, Earthquake-proof Door, Power outage essentials (E Connect)
  • Fireproof/Smokeproof Fire-resistant
    Fireproof shutters, fireproof doors and other fireproofing equipment are linked to smoke and heat sensors, and automatically close when a fire is detected, delaying the spread of smoke and fire for a certain period of time and create a safety zone.
  • Earthquake-proof
    In case of a sudden earthquake, taking measures through our products can minimize damage and reduce risks.
  • Power Outage Essentials
    Prepare for power outages due to damage to the power grid caused by disasters, including earthquakes, typhoons, and torrential rains, and mitigate risk in case of an emergency
  • Fireproof/Smokeproof Fire-resistant

    Fireproof/Smokeproof Shutter
    (Sanwa Shutter Corporation)

    Automatically closes when harmful smoke is detected in the case of a fire. Restrains the spread of smoke and secures a safe evacuation route.

  • Fireproof/Smokeproof Fire-resistant

    Horizontal Sliding Fireproof Door "Won-Door FireGuard"

    A original horizontal sliding fireproof door of Won-Door. Can be designed tailor to the opening so the flow of pedestrians is not impeded

  • Fireproof/Smokeproof Fire-resistant

    Condominium Door
    (Sanwa Shutter Corporation)

    Combining a full range of design variations to create the image of the home and full protection from fires

  • Fireproof/Smokeproof Fire-resistant

    Fireproof Glass Door
    (NF Group)

    Fire-resistant glass door that combines appealing design with clearness and fire resistance

  • Fireproof/Smokeproof Fire-resistant

    Fire-resistant Partition Series "Magical Box"
    (Sanwa Shutter Corporation)

    Creates independent spaces where being fireproof is required, such as lounges and offices in factories

  • Fireproof/Smokeproof Fire-resistant

    Door system for fireproof partitions "NovoFire®"
    (NF Group)

    Door system that combines design and fire resistance with clear visibility

  • Earthquake-proof

    Earthquake Countermeasures for Heavy-duty Shutters
    (Sanwa Shutter Corporation)

    Equipped with anchors on bearings and anti-slip collars on both sides of the roller shaft as standard features to reduce the risk of shutter curtains coming off.

  • Earthquake-proof

    Earthquake-proof Partition
    (Sanwa Shutter Corporation)

    Earthquake-proof partitions designed to prevent parts from coming off and allow safe evacuation in case of an earthquake.

  • Earthquake-proof

    Earthquake-proof Condominium Door
    (Sanwa Shutter Corporation)

    By ensuring a large clearance between the frame and the door, the door can be opened even if the door frame is bent by an external force such as an earthquake.

  • Earthquake-proof

    Earthquake-proof SD for common areas AKUZO
    (Sanwa Shutter Corporation)

    Using earthquake-proof condominium doors and common area doors in combination contributes to a safe evacuation in case of an earthquake.

  • Earthquake-proof

    Smood Yuraku with Earthquake-proof design
    (Sanwa Shutter Corporation)

    Earthquake-proof specifications of the Smood Yuraku sliding entranceway doors for hallways, suitable for seniors’ condominiums

  • Earthquake-proof

    Smokeproof hanging partition sheet "San Smoke BTS"
    (Sanwa Shutter Corporation)

    Smokeproof hanging partition glass fiber sheet with low risk of cracking or falling

  • Earthquake-proof

    Self-assembly partition "Famipla"
    (Sanwa Shutter Corporation)

    Simple partitions use easy-to-assemble corrugated plastic panels to provide privacy at evacuation sites during disasters.

  • Power Outage Essentials

    Power supply system for shutters during power outage "E Connect"
    (Sanwa Shutter Corporation)

    During a power outage, our electric fireproof and smokeproof shutters can still be operated by connecting them to a battery or a generator.

  • Power Outage Essentials

    "E Connect" for garage doors
    (Sanwa Shutter Corporation)

    Enables electric opening and closing of garage doors and shutters during power outages by connecting to an electric outlet in a vehicle or a portable power source

  • Power Outage Essentials

    Spare battery for garage door openers

    In California, a state frequently hit by natural disasters, garage door openers are required to have a backup battery. Our products comply with this regulation.


Scorch Guard, the industry's first heat shielding doors adopted for fireproof book vaults

Scorch Guard, the heat shielding door launched by Sanwa Shutter Corporation in March 2020, has been installed in the entrance of the fireproof book vault at the new village office in Shinjo-son, Okayama Prefecture.
Although the door's functionality and design are the same as a general steel door, the interior and the frame of the Scorch Guard door are filled with heat shielding, making this door highly heat resistant. It also meets the heat shielding performance standards required by the ISO international standard.

Product lineup contributing to the "new normal"

The Sanwa Group’s suite of products that prevent, protect, and separate—including shutters, doors and partitions—demonstrate their functionality during the “new normal.” We support new lifestyles and ensure safety in various daily life locations, such as houses, offices, and factories.

Products that respond to the "new normal" based on the concepts of non-contact, antibacterial, non-face-to-face, and ventilation in communities and in everyday life, contributing to both safety and convenience.

Commercial Facility, Office

  • Automatic door
    Automatic door (Sanwa Shutter Corporation, Sanwa Tajima)
  • Famipla
    Famipla (Sanwa Shutter Corporation)

Automatic door, one of our core products, is ideal for entrances where large numbers of people pass through, such as shops, offices, or condominiums. Also Evacuation Center Privacy Partitions "Famipla" has been revamped with the addition of transparent acrylic panels so that they can be used to prevent droplets contagion in offices.


  • R Booth TR40 Automatic type
    R Booth TR40 Automatic type (Sanwa Shutter Corporation)
  • Antiviral Bathroom Stalls
    Antiviral Bathroom Stalls (Sanwa Shutter Corporation)
  • Meiji Awning Sashes for low/mid-rise office buildings
    "Meiji Awning" Sashes for low/mid-rise office buildings
    (Sanwa Shutter Corporation)
  • High-Panel woody Toilet Booth TA40D Electric Type
    High-Panel woody Toilet Booth TA40D Electric Type
    (Sanwa Shutter Corporation)

Bathroom stall doors that are automatically locked and unlocked without touching them reduce the risk of infection due to contact with bathroom doors and toilet handles used by many people. We also offer a line of antiviral products that use surface materials and hardware that have received the Society of International Sustaining Growth for Antimicrobial Articles’ Antivirus SIAA marks.

By combining the Meiji awning, a sash for mid- to low-rise buildings that can open and close multiple louvers simultaneously with a light handle operation to provide ventilation and air flow, the risk of infection from droplets, etc., in bathroom spaces, which are relatively high-risk areas, can be reduced.

Factory, Warehouse

  • Quick Saver
    "Quick Saver" (Sanwa Shutter Corporation)
  • Hand wash station linked system
    Hand wash station linked system (Sanwa Shutter Corporation)

Quick Saver is a high-speed sheet shutter made by Sanwa Shutter Corporation that is used for the entrances to factories, warehouses, and logistics centers. Our extensive lineup now includes sensors that can open or close the shutter without touching a switch and switches that can be operated by passing a hand over them. For food factories that demand even greater cleanliness, it is possible to link the Quick Saver with a hand washing station so that the shutter will only open after a worker washes their hands, contributing to more thorough hygienic control.

Hospital, Senior Care Facility

  • Swing Door Systems
    Swing Door Systems (ODC)
  • Smood with antibacterial handle
    Smood with antibacterial handle (Sanwa Shutter Corporation)
  • Smood Type S (linear)
    "Smood Type S" (linear) (Sanwa Shutter Corporation)
  • Pedal switch
    Pedal switch (Sanwa Shutter Corporation)

ODC’s automatic door business (Horton) has swing door systems that automate existing hinged doors. These doors help to reduce the spread of infectious diseases through contact with door handles at healthcare facilities, schools, offices, and other places.

Sanwa Shutter Corporation's lightweight Smood sliding door used for the entrance to rooms and lobbies in hospitals and senior care facilities is a hanging sliding door that can be opened or closed with minimal effort. The door comes in a number of types with an anti-bacterial stainless-steel mirror finish or anti-bacterial plastic handle. Combining a linear-motor automatic door with a pedal switch or transom sensor enables the door to be opened and closed without touching the handle.


  • Hands-free system for condominiums
    Hands-free system for condominiums (Sanwa Shutter Corporation)
  • Condominium door with parcel drop-off locker Tredoor Rusu Raku
    Condominium door with parcel drop-off locker
    "Tredoor Rusu Raku" (Sanwa Shutter Corporation)
  • Condominium door for renewal X Door Change Ventilation type
    Condominium door for renewal "X Door Change"
    Ventilation type (Sanwa Shutter Corporation)

Sanwa Shutter Corporation's hands-free system for condominiums allows users to open the automatic door to common areas without making contact by holding a key fob, even when it is inside a bag or pocket.
"Tredoor Rusu Raku" is an industry-first that combines a parcel drop off locker and condominium door. It not only helps to eliminate the need for re-delivery of packages and also prevents the spread of the virus through person-to-person contact.
"X Door Change" Ventilation type allows ventilation even when the door is closed.

Single Detached Home

  • Mado More ventilation model
    "Mado More" ventilation model (Sanwa Shutter Corporation)
  • Orusuban Box
    Parcel drop off locker for single detached homes
    "Orusuban Box" (Sanwa Shutter Corporation, Tajima Metal Work Co,Ltd)

We offer an extensive lineup of residential window shutters that provide ventilation while preventing crime and ensuring privacy. These includes blind- and slit-style shutters and Mado More Screen ventilation shutters, which have slats that help ventilate homes even when the shutters are closed.
"Orusuban Box" is a parcel drop off locker for single detached homes marketed jointly by Sanwa Shutter Corporation and Group company Tajima Metal Work Co, Ltd.


SanSchool school partition receives 14th Kids Design Award
(August 2020)

  • SanSchool, a school partition
  • Kids Design Awards

SanSchool, a school partition made and marketed by Sanwa Shutter Corporation and Sanwa System Wall that offers functionality, comfort, and security has won an award in the design category that contributes to children’s safety and security at the 14th Kids Design Awards, These awards are organized by the Kids Design Association and sponsored by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Cabinet Office, and Consumer Affairs Agency.
The partition prevents accidents involving children using a structure that stops falls, pinches, and collisions. It is also compliant with “sick house” syndrome following the School Environment and Hygiene Standards set out in the School Health Act.
The partition comes in an extensive lineup of functions tailored to application and purpose, including functional stainless steel, warm wood, as well as a sliding or opening door unit. It contributes to a safe, secure, comfortable, and healthy learning environment for children.