Basic Approach

The Sanwa Group conducts its business activities in coexistence with the environment and the local community. As a good corporate citizen, we contribute to a sustainable, affluent society.

Environmental Policy (Sanwa Group Environmental Policy)

Basic Philosophy

The Sanwa group aims for harmony between the global environment and the everyday life of people. We will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by addressing pertinently to environmental issues beginning with climate change, and by conducting business and offering products and services with consideration for the environment, all while taking a global point of view.

Basic Policies

  1. We will adhere to environmental laws and regulations and other requirements and maintain communication with stakeholders in the countries and regions where we do business.
  2. We will appropriately assess impacts on the environment, set objectives and goals, and continuously work for the preservation and improvement of the environment.
  3. We will contribute to prevention of global warming and realization of a circular economy through energy and resource conservation, waste reduction and recycling, as well as effective use of water resources.
  4. We will strive to prevent pollution through reduction of our environmental impact in all business processes, including development, sales, design, procurement, production, logistics, installation and maintenance services.
  5. We will promote development of products that help to mitigate and adapt to climate change and solve environmental problems, and will strive to raise the level of our technologies.
  6. We will inform everyone who works for the Sanwa Group about the environmental policy, and will conduct educational and information dissemination activities to increase awareness of environmental preservation.
  7. We will cooperate and collaborate with business partners and suppliers to reduce the environmental impact of the supply chain as a whole.

In order to promote the above policies, the Sanwa group will implement, maintain and continuously improve our environmental management system.

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Responsible water consumption


Due to global climate change and the growing demand for water as a result of rapid population growth, the depletion of water resources and shortages are becoming serious issues for society. As the Sanwa Group is continually growing globally, we believe that the preservation and effective use of water resources is crucial. For this reason, we are taking the initiative to help preserve these resources. We are working to decrease the volume of water consumed at every production base by strengthening the management of water use, improving production processes, and reusing water. Further, we work to comply with all local laws and regulations on wastewater quality control.

Water stress analysis

The Sanwa Group regards water shortages as a risk that could impact plant operations, and we have been using the Aqueduct Water Risk Atlas developed by the World Resources Institute. This online atlas helps us to evaluate water stress (the degree of urgency of water demand and supply) in the countries and regions worldwide where are production bases are located. The Sanwa Group operates 60 production bases, and of these we have discovered high water stress at 4 locations (6.7% of total): Overhead Door Corporation (ODC) Tecate Plant in Mexico, Vina Sanwa in Vietnam, NF Shanghai in China, and Sanwamas Metal Industry in Indonesia. We have calculated that the total water intake volume is 41,870 m3.

Survey Results: Global Production Bases Water Stress Level (FY2019)

Water Stress Level Locations Percentage
High 4 6.7%
Medium-high 6 10.0%
Low-Medium 36 60.0%
Low 14 23.3%

Formulating the Sanwa Group’s water management plans

As of March 31, 2020, 6 of Sanwa Shutter Corporation’s 8 plants(75% of total), have formulated water management plans to make effective use of water resources and to reduce our environmental impact. For example, at Sanwa Shutter Corporation’s Ota Door Plant, we have introduced water circulation systems (for painting equipment and chillers) to save energy and improve the efficiency of water resources, and we have secured the required water volume through joint use of tap water, industrial water, and stored (tank) water. In addition, wastewater is purified in septic tanks, and we clear water quality standards by regularly conducting septic tank water quality inspections and wastewater treatment inspections.

Actions to reduce the volume of water consumption

At Sanwa Shutter Corporation’s plants, we are working to reduce water consumption and wastewater volume by using chilled tank water in water circulation systems (for painting equipment and chillers).

Moreover, for an example of working at individual bases, we introduced water-saving valves in 2018 at Sanwa Shutter Corporation’s head office building. In this way, we reduced the water volume by approximately 27% year on year.

In FY2019 at Sanwa Shustter’s Ota Door Plant, we integrated piping to optimize circulating cooling equipment. This enabled cooled water from chillers onsite to be supplied to a cooling tower, where cooling capability had in the past been supplemented with underground water. As a result, the plant achieved a major reduction in the volume of underground water consumed.
(Underground water withdrawal: Second half of FY2018 24,804m3→ Second half of FY2019 103m3)

  • Cooling tower for presser
    Cooling tower
  • Ota Door Plant Underground Water Withdrawal
    Ota Door Plant Underground Water Withdrawal

Number of violations of laws and regulations relating to water intake and wastewater(discharge)

There were no cases of violations of laws and regulations relating to water intake and wastewater(discharge) in FY2019.

Sanwa Environmental Day

Since 2007, the Sanwa Group has held "Sanwa Environment Day" on June 10, in line with "Environment Month" (June), as designated by the Ministry of the Environment. We set this day to further promote the priorities of the Sanwa Group Environmental Policy - "Continuously work for the preservation and improvement of the environment" and "Endeavor to raise the awareness of environmental preservation of all people working for the Sanwa Group by ensuring they understand the Environmental Policy and by providing them with information about the environment."

Eco Activities

  • A PVC curtain helps to prevent
    cold air leak from refrigerator.
  • Morning glory seeds were planted
    to make green curtains.

To raise awareness of the environment, employees share their ideas for environment-friendly initiatives at the office and at home. Ideas are divided into "office" and "individual" categories, and are presented to the whole company to be shared among all employees.

Environment Photo Competition

Sanwa holds an Environment Photo Competition to foster willingness to protect nature and raise environmental awareness. All entries are posted on our intranet.

  • FY2016 Grand Prize
    “Vast Panorama of Okunikko”
  • FY2018 Grand Prize
    “Looking Down over Terraced Rice Paddies from the Ruins of Shimo-Akasaka Castle”