• First shipment
  • At the time of its founding
  • Plant at the time of its founding
1956 Established Sanwa Shutter Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (President: Manji Takayama), a predecessor of this company, in Amagasaki, Hyogo Prefecture.
1959 Established Sanwa Shutter Co., Ltd. with branches in Sapporo, Sendai, Tokyo, Nagoya and Fukuoka.


  • Tokyo Stock Exchange
  • Head Office in 1968
  • Ashikaga Plant in 1969
1961 Established Sanwa Shoji Co., Ltd.
1963 Merged three Group companies and established Sanwa Shutter Corporation.
Relocated headquarters to Tokyo. Listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
1968 Listed on the Second Section of the Osaka Securities Exchange.
Relocated headquarters to Itabashi-ku, Tokyo.
1969 Established Sanwa Door Industrial Co., Ltd.


Pipe shutter


  • Window Shutter Plant
  • Signing Ceremony of ODC
  • Over Slider
1970 Listed on the First Section of both the Tokyo and Osaka Stock exchanges.
1974 Merged Sanwa Door Industrial Co., Ltd.
Entered into technical tie-up with Overhead Door Corporation (U.S.A).
Relocated headquarters to Shinjuku Mitsui Bldg., Tokyo.


  • 1972 Window Shutter
  • 1979 Residential Door
  • 1980 Garage Door


  • FTS poster
  • Plant of Sanwa Shutter Hong Kong
  • An-Ho Metal Industrial CO., LTD.
1981 Toshitaka Takayama becomes President.
1983 Deployed nationwide 24-hour service.
1984 Began sales of facades for stores by Showa Front Sales Co., Ltd. (now Showa Front Co., Ltd.)
1986 Established Sanwa Shutter (H.K.) Ltd. in Hong Kong.
1987 Established Sanwa Exterior Co., Ltd.
1988 Changed fiscal year end to March 31.
Established An-Ho Metal Industrial Co., Ltd. in Taiwan.


  • 1980 Lightweight Sliding door in medical and welfare facilities
  • 1981 High-speed sheet shutter
  • 1980 Residential balcony
  • 1987 Lift bed


  • Acquisition of ODC
  • Okinawa Sanwa Shutter Corporation
  • Saitama Plant of Sanwa Tajima
1990 Acquired stake in automatic door company Showa Kensan Co., Ltd.
1992 Established Sun Metal Co., Ltd. in Thailand.
1996 Okinawa Sanwa Shutter Corporation began sales after being split off from Okinawa Regional Business Division.
Established Sanwa USA Inc. and acquired Overhead Door Corporation, a leading U.S. manufacture of garage doors and commercial doors.
Established PT. Sanwamas Metal Industry in Indonesia.
Acquired stainless steel fitting manufacturer Yoshida Seisakusho Co., Ltd.
1999 Acquired 100% of the shares of Tajima Junzo Seisakusho Co., Ltd., (renamed Sanwa Tajima Corporation) the top brand of stainless steel architectural materials.


  • 1992 Stainless façade
  • 1996 Building & Condominium door
  • 1997 Garage door opener of ODC
  • 1997 Mullion-less Fireproof shutter


  • Ranzan Plant of Venix
  • Acquisition of Novoferm Group
  • The revolving door preserved in working order
2000 Established Sanwa Tajima Corporation as a stainless steel product sales company, and integrated it with the sales division of Tajima Junzo Seisakusho Co., Ltd.
Transferred Sanwa Exterior Co., Ltd.'s sales operations to Sanwa Shutter Corporation and its production operations to Sanwa Exterior Niigata Plant Co., Ltd.
2003 Acquired Novoferm, Europe's second-largest manufacturer of doors and shutters. With this acquisition, Sanwa Shutter established a presence in Europe, as well as Japan and the United States.
Acquired 100% of the shares of Venix Co., Ltd., strengthening the partition business.
2004 Established Sanwa Shutter Design (Shanghai) Corporation in Shanghai.
Occurrence of fatal accident involving an automatic revolving door manufactured by Group company Sanwa Tajima Corporation.
Established an internal office on Corporate Social Responsibility to oversee risk management, legal compliance and environment-friendly policies.
Start of Safety and Quality Inspection Week.
2005 Established "Safety Pledge Day" (March 26)
Entered into comprehensive business alliance with Hochiki, a leading fire detection and disaster-prevention equipment company in Japan.
Acquired 100% of the shares of Tajima Metal Work Co., Ltd., strengthening sales of stainless steel products.
Established Novoferm (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., in Shanghai.
2006 Acquired 100% of the shares of Metalwork Kansai Co., Ltd.
Sanwa Shutter celebrated its 50th anniversary.
Established Shanghai Baosteel-Sanwa Door Co., Ltd., a joint venture with Baosteel Development Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Baosteel, in Shanghai to manufacture and sell overhead doors, rolling shutters and sheet shutters. Completed base of quadruple core structure: Japan, U.S.A., Europe and Asia (China).
2007 The Sanwa Group adopts holding company system.
Sanwa Shutter Corporation changed its trade name to "Sanwa Holdings Corporation", and the operating company succeeded the trade name "Sanwa Shutter Corporation".
2008 Sanwa Holdings agreed to establish a joint-venture company, Vina-Sanwa Company Liability Ltd., with the Vietnamese construction and trading company Vinaconex Corporation.
Sanwa Holdings acquired 100% of the shares of Hayashi Kogyo Co., Ltd., a steel door manufacturing company.
2009 Overhead Door Corporation, our consolidated subsidiary, acquired the door businesses of Wayne Dalton Corporation.


  • Alpha Deuren International B.V.
  • Waterproof shutter
  • Osaka Plant of Sanwa System Wall
2011 Overhead Door Corporation acquired an automatic door sales, installation, and maintenance business from Automatic Door Enterprises, Inc., an automatic door distributor in the U.S.
Domestic partition business (Venix) and sales operations of automated door business (Showa Kensan) integrated into Sanwa Shutter Corporation.
Overhead Door Corporation acquired 100% of the shares of Creative Door Services Ltd., strengthening the door services business in North America.
2012 Overhead Door Corporation acquired Door Control, Inc., strengthening the automatic door services business.
Acquired front sash manufacturer ACE Co., Ltd.
Overhead Door Corporation acquired Advanced Door Automation, LLC., strengthening the automatic door services business.
2013 Overhead Door Corporation acquired Texas Access Controls Inc., strengthening the automatic door services business.
2014 Acquired 100% of the shares of Sanwa Electronics Engineering Co., Ltd.
Novoferm acquired Alpha Deuren International B.V.(Neth), strengthening the industrial door business.
ODC acquisition of Horton Automatics of Ontario, strengthening Automatic door service business.
2015 Acquired the door business of Mitaka Kogyo and established Sanwa Mitaka Co.,Ltd.
2016 Shifted from a "company with an Audit & Supervisory Board" to a "company with an Audit & Supervisory Committee".
Novoferm Group acquired all of the shares of Norsud Gestion SAS of France.
2017 Acquired additional shares of Novoferm UK Limited and made it awholly owned subsidiary.
Acquired the pertition business of Nihon Spindle Manufacturing Co., Ltd., and established Sanwa Spindle Co.,Ltd. (renamed Sanwa System Wall Co., Ltd.,)
2018 Novoferm Group acquired Bolton Gate Services Ltd., strengthening the service business in the UK.
Establishment of Osaka Plant of Sanwa System Wall.
2019 Acquired Robust AB (Sweden)to expand our presence in the UK and Scandinavia


  • Heavy-duty Shutter
    "Taifu(wind-resistant) Guard"
  • Antibacterial features for toilet booths
  • Won-Door Corporation
2021 Acquired Won-Door Corporation, a leading horizontal sliding door company of USA.
Nofoverm Group acquired Manuregion S.A.S., a distributor of industrial products in France.
2022 Moved from the TSE 1st section to the TSE Prime market
Acquired AUB (Hong Kong), the first M&A in Asia
2023 Acquired Door Control, Inc. and Door Concepts, Inc. ,automatic door service and installation company of USA.
Inherited the facade business of Sanwa Tajima Corporation through an absorption-type company split and established Sanwa Facade Laboratory Corporation