Top Commitment

Our mission, “safe, secure, and convenient”
and sustainability

Since being founded, the Sanwa Group has maintained urban infrastructures through products for crime and disaster prevention, ensuring safe, secure, and convenient cities and lifestyles. We are convinced that the Group's business activities and mission are aligned with the current global theme of sustainability, so in our Mid-Term Management Plan 2030 we will continue to promote sustainability management by tapping into the collective wisdom of the Group.

Fiscal 2022 was a year of dramatic change in the economic environment; there were soaring prices for resources and energy resulting from the prolonged Ukraine conflict as well as fluctuating currency exchange rates. However, the Company achieved record high sales and profits because Group companies were able to offset cost increases by raising sales prices. To achieve the KPIs (key performance indicators) that we announced for material issues to promote sustainability management, we implemented several initiatives, including installing solar panels in our factories around the world, with the aim of expanding our range of products for disaster prevention and climate change countermeasures as well as actions taken to achieve carbon neutrality.

Fiscal 2023 is an important year for us, as it is the second year of Medium-Term Management Plan 2024 as well as the year that we continue implementing the basic strategies set out in this plan. We will keep up with actions to achieve our KPIs for sustainability management, deal with human rights risks, reinforce our human resource (HR) programs, and promote diversity. Our corporate culture, where every employee respects all other’s diversity and values, will be the key to our survival and growth in this time of uncertainty. In addition to creating workplaces and fostering a corporate culture for building a pleasant and rewarding environment, we will focus on more dissemination of our mission and values. Taking these actions will ensure that our diverse employees work together and leverage their full potential with a sense of unity as the Sanwa Group, as we set our sights on reaching greater heights.

Yasushi Takayama
Representative Director, President
Sanwa Holdings Corporation