Disclosure Policy

1. Basic Policy

As a basic policy, we disclose corporate information promptly, appropriately and proactively to obtain the understanding and trust of our stakeholders, including customers, shareholders, investors and local communities.

2. Information Disclosure Standards

We disclose information pursuant to the Securities and Exchange Act, other laws and regulations, and the Rules on Timely Disclosure of Corporate Information by Issuers of Listed Securities ("Timely Disclosure Rules") of the securities exchanges on which our stock is listed.
In addition, we disclose information immediately, which is necessary to meet the requests of shareholders and investors, even if that information does not fall under the disclosure matters specified in the Timely Disclosure Rules.

3. Disclosure Methods

When disclosing information pursuant to the Timely Disclosure Rules, we disclose the information by registering it with the Timely Disclosure Information Browsing System (the Tokyo Stock Exchange's Timely Disclosure Network or TDnet). When disclosing information that does not fall under the Timely Disclosure Rules, we promptly disclose the information via timely distribution of press releases, press conferences and briefings, or on our website, depending on the importance and urgency of the information.
Information disclosed by the methods listed above is immediately posted on the Sanwa Holdings website. However, not all of the information we disclose is posted on our website. For the convenience of our shareholders and other investors, we make efforts to post disclosed information in English as well as in Japanese.

4. Quiet Periods

To prevent leaks of financial results (including interim and quarterly results), the company has set approximately two weeks of "quiet period" prior to the announcement of the financial results. In the period, we withhold answers to questions and comments about financial results. Even in the quiet period, however, we reply to inquiries about information not related to financial results and those related to the scope of information already made public. In addition, even in the quiet period, if earnings forecasts are expected to change significantly, we make public the change when necessary in accordance with timely disclosure rules.

5. Information Disclosure to Third Parties and Earnings Forecasts by Third Parties

We only mention facts that have already been publicly disclosed, facts that are widely known, or information on the general business environment to institutional investors, analysts and other third parties. Additionally, we do not support comments, earnings forecasts or other statements made about the Company by third parties.

6. Other

When searching for information about the Company on our website, please refer to the separately posted "Terms of Use" and other notes in addition to this disclosure policy.