Long-term Vision and Medium-term Management Plan

Sanwa Global Vision 2020

To offer products and services that provide safety, security and convenience as a major global player in the access systems industry

In fiscal 2013, we launched our long-term management vision "Sanwa Global Vision 2020." This vision is built upon the achievements of "Sanwa Vision 2010" (fiscal 2001 to fiscal 2012), evolving from the initial phase of corporate value creation through global group management to a new phase of growth and success.

Third Mid-Term Management Plan (2019-2020)


Two years to establish the foundation
for becoming the top brand as a major global player

Priority Policies

Core Business

  1. Expand and strengthen business areas in core businesses in Japan, the U.S. and Europe

Growing Business

  1. Strengthen service segments and expand business model
  2. Enhance operation bases of China Business and Asia Business

Reinforcing business base

  1. Reform work styles and improve productivity
  2. Promote ESG to develop a corporate structure that is more trusted by society

Numerical Target

  • Net Sales

  • Operating Income

  • Operating Income Ratio

  • ROE

    *The cost of capital target is 8%

  • D/E Ratio

  • SVA (Sanwa Value Added) / ROIC

    *Our unique indicator of added value
    SVA = Net operating profit after tax - Invested capital x WACC (6%)

Principles for Cash Flow Allocation

Investment is the highest priority in order to realize sustainable growth after 2020.

Shareholder returns

Payout ratio: target of 35%
Share buybacks are carried out flexibly, taking into consideration of cash position, after the first priority needs of strategic investment.

Strategic investment (capital investment in M&A and growth)

Strategic investments are allocated capital investment and M&A, mainly in growth areas where promotion of multi-product sales initiatives and synergy effects are anticipated.

Capital investment (investment to maintain existing businesses)

Capital investment required for sustaining our business is at the same level as depreciation in principle.