Work-Life Balance, Diversity and Human Resource Development

Work-Life Balance


The Sanwa Group strives to create a work environment that motivates employees and allows them to lead fulfilling lives.

Revision of Long Working Hours

The Sanwa Group is working to create an environment that strikes a good balance between work and personal life. We are aiming to reduce working hours understanding that eliminating long working hours is vital both to ensure diverse human resources, including women, play an active role and to secure outstanding talent.
The Sanwa Group Compliance Code of Conduct requires that the Group obey all local laws and the provisions of Article 36 of Japan’s Labor Standards Act as well as address cases of prolonged working hours. Under the supervision of the president of Sanwa Holdings Corporation, the Human Resources and General Affairs Department of Sanwa Shutter Corporation and the Risk Management Group of the General Affairs of Sanwa Holdings Corporation Department take the lead in providing monthly instructions for investigating working hours and preventing excessive work at Sanwa Shutter Corporation and domestic Group companies. In addition, at meetings of the Quality, Environment and CSR Promotion Council, which take place semiannually, the presidents of major domestic Group companies report on working hours and issues as well as discuss ways to make improvements.

Initiatives at Group Companies in Japan

Showa Front Co., Ltd. introduced a new attendance system in fiscal 2018 to help manage working hours appropriately.
By enabling the detailed management of working hours, for example in weekly units, the company can prevent employees from working excessive hours by sending a timely message to the employee concerned and his or her superior.
Recommendations are made when checks uncover any difference or deviation from logged hours. Sanwa Holdings Corporation and Sanwa Shutter Corporation carefully manage working hours using an attendance management system that automatically shuts down employees’ PCs. Other domestic Group companies have introduced attendance management systems to effectively manage working hours and to address cases of prolonged working hours.

Promotion of Telecommuting

Sanwa Shutter Corporation introduced a telecommuting scheme on a trial basis in fiscal 2018 to promote a better work-life balance. Female employees raising children stated how happy they were to have more time with their children due to not needing to commute and that the risk of their children catching a cold or contracting an infectious illness is expected to be lower thanks to less time spent in day care. Managers and colleagues also noted that there are no concerns over a lack of communication due to the use of cameras and chat functions to keep in touch. The scheme is expected to be increasingly popular going forward.
Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, up to 2,200 employees in Japan now telework. Looking ahead, we will create a diverse working environment by promoting telework by improving security and the digital infrastructure. This will improve productivity as well as retain and prevent turnover of talented employees.

Use of laptop PCs

Sanwa Shutter Corporation has provided more than 2,000 laptop PCs to employees to both increase operational efficiency and reduce working hours. These PCs are used effectively not only to reply to emails or to prepare estimates when away from the office, but also to confirm and provide details of delivery and products during business meetings, which ensures a quick response to customer inquiries and improves customer satisfaction. Laptop PCs are also used during internal meetings to cut the use of paper and to make meetings more efficient.

Participation in external initiatives for labor standards

As a member of the Shinjuku Labor Standards Association and the Ikebukuro Labor Standards Association, the Sanwa Group participates in lectures to learn about labor insurance, revisions to the labor standards and the Industrial Safety and Health Act, as well as to gain insight into the practical application of administrative and legal requirements.



The Sanwa Group creates new value that contributes to the resolution of customer and social issues generated by our organizational culture that respects and embraces the diversity of each employee.

Promotion of the Active Role of Women

Sanwa Shutter Corporation is committed to enhancing and expanding systems to provide a working environment that embraces diversity, including efforts to employ more women, and stimulate active participation. Such systems include paid sick/injured child care leave, the introduction of a system for taking paid vacation in hourly units and the extended application of the reduced working hour system (for employees raising children up to the sixth year of elementary school). To promote diversity and understanding, the company introduced a partial paid leave scheme during child care leave based on the idea that it is important for men to take an active role in raising their children.


Sanwa Shutter Corporation
Technical Design Team, Technical Sales Promotion Department, Sales Promotion
Arisa Kozai

I am currently in charge of making technical drawings for sales staff to use in their proposals and in work to transfer the drawings to the design team.
I have two sons, one in 3rd grade, the other still just 1-year-old. I have been using the shortened working hour system, starting at 9:30am and finishing at 4:30pm, so I am always conscious of working as efficiently as I can.
I have to pick them up from their nursery school and after-school program, also participate in PTA activities. So I’m really grateful that the shortened working hour system has been extended until he finishes elementary school and also for the consideration from my workplace for my situation.
I’m going to keep doing my best to maintain a good balance between my work and personal life.

Sanwa Shutter Corporation
Akita General Sales Office
Kento Haba

Being our second child, I decided to take five days of childcare leave because I wanted to relieve some of the burden on my wife. I spent a fulfilling five days helping my wife and her parents feed and play outside with our oldest son, as well as change our youngest son’s diapers and put him to sleep. I am very grateful to my managers and colleagues for warmly embracing my decision to take childcare leave.

Global Recruitment

In the Sanwa Group, we want to maintain a positive cycle in which companies and employees grow and develop together. Therefore, we have introduced human resource systems based on our growth strategy, and are focusing on developing people who can promote and drive growth by quickly and flexibly adapting to changes in the business environment.
Recruitment and cultivation of global human resources are implemented by cooperation between Sanwa Holdings Corporation Global Human Resource Planning Division and Sanwa Shutter Corporation HR & General Affairs Department.
As a measure to strengthen employee retention, interactions with senior global employees and interviews between employees and their departments occur regularly.


Yingyu Zhuang
(Joined Sanwa Shutter Corporation in April 2014, engaged in production management; has received practical training at Novoferm (Shanghai) since April 2017 and is currently on secondment)

I am responsible for manufacturing cost accounting and business process improvement in China, my home country, where I make use of the production control knowledge and language skills I acquired in Japan. I would like to use my experience and open-mindedness to contribute to the Sanwa Group as a global employee.

ODC ~Diversity Festival~

ODC holds an annual Diversity Festival based on its philosophy that fostering mutual respect through sharing of backgrounds and interaction among fellow employees is essential for promoting diversity. At the festival, employees from various parts of the world introduce the foods and cultures of their native countries. About 200 employees, both presenters and attendees, participated in the Diversity Festival in October 2017.

Use of Senior Employees

Employees who wish to continue working after retirement age are in principle re-employed as “senior employees”. We provide such employees with the opportunity to put their accumulated skills and expertise to practical use.
We take a flexible approach that may even see a “senior employee” appointed to a managerial position when deemed necessary.
Installers are important business partners. Despite the aging workforce caused by Japan’s declining population, we are working to ensure consistent installations and to pass on techniques by using senior installers with a wealth of experience to accompany workers on installation and repair jobs and to provide training and coaching for up-and-coming installers.

SANWA Sports Sponsoorship

Supporting Athletes

The Sanwa Group contributes to the promotion of sports and the prosperity of society through its support of athletes in various kinds of sports.

Ryo Chikatani

Born in Toyama Prefecture on April 17, 1992.
Started cycling career in the second grade of middle school. Joined Sanwa Shutter Corporation in April 2015.

Miho Arikawa

Born in Aichi Prefecture on November 29, 1990.
Started her wheelchair basketball career in the second grade of middle school and joined the club team named "Brilliant Cats." Joined Sanwa Shutter Corporation in July 2017.


Miho Arikawa leads talks, from her perspective as a para-athlete, at elementary and junior high schools near our business locations to convey to the next generation the importance of having dreams and working toward attaining them

During tournaments, a group of supporters from the Sanwa Group invigorates teams with powerful cheering. This helps to foster a sense of solidarity within the Group and promotes understanding about wheelchair basketball and the diversity of employees.

Human Resource Development


The Sanwa Group focuses on the development of human resources capable of creating value by enhancing systems and work environments enabling employees to maximize their capabilities based on the view that human resources are vital management assets.
To ensure fair evaluations and treatment, we have developed a compensation system, including minimum wage, that conforms with laws governing the labor market and individual circumstances in each country and region.

Fostering human resources who will drive the Sanwa Group’s growth

Sanwa Management Training School
Sanwa Management Training School
Global trainees(ODC)
Global trainees(ODC)

Sanwa Shutter Corporation introduced a new training system called the “Sanwa Professional Human Resources Training Plan.” Through job rotations over the course of two years, this system provides new college graduates who entered the company in fiscal 2019 with the opportunity to learn about the Company’s core operations of sales, installation, factory work, and design. The goal of this system is to ensure closer cooperation between production, sales, and engineering, as well as to train human resources that can make decisions through a comprehensive, optimized field of view.
We conduct ”training by managerial level” and ”training by subject” purpose-specific training. This training by managerial level includes rank-based training, such as follow-up training for employees in their second/third years, for mid-career new employees, and for newly appointed managers. In addition as part of the training by subject, we offer the Sanwa Management Training School to educate next-generation leaders at the Group and a one-year international training program at ODC to foster global human resources.
We also provide correspondence courses and have a program in place that defrays the cost of tuitions for eligible courses. Many employees use these courses to improve their foreign language skills or to obtain public certifications. (The number of employees taking correspondence courses in fiscal 2019: 483.)
As a part of human resource exchange, 20 employees were sent to ODC, NF group, and Asian subsidiaries from Japan.

During fiscal 2018, 12 managers from Group companies in China, Hong Kong, and Vietnam were invited to Japan to participate in the Asia Group Company Manager Training program, which educates participants on the Sanwa Group Mission, Values, and PDCA, among others. This program spreads Sanwa Group’s DNA throughout the Asian Region while promoting the localization of the Asian business.

Securing and Training Installation Technicians

Installation Training Center

Sanwa Shutter Corporation has established a high level and scaled development base for strengthening the skills of installation technicians and for continuous recruitment and training. We began establishing specialist training facilities in 2008 with the purpose of strengthening education for installers, and are working to improve installation quality and related skills.
At the Installation Training Center over 1,000 people are actively improving their skills and product developers and installation technicians with exceptional abilities give lectures including "freshman installation technicians training" and "product installation qualification training" that grants installation qualification based on 19 categories and 104 kinds of products. We also endeavor to develop installation technicians with the capability to install various kinds of products.