Environmental Management

Basic Approach

In December 2020, the Sanwa Group Environmental Policy was revised in response to increased social demand for decarbonization and climate change action. Specifically, we updated the sections dealing with water resource initiatives, reduction of environmental impact and prevention of pollution throughout our overall business processes, creation of products capable of contributing to mitigation of and adaptation to climate change, and coordination with the supply chain. We will promote more self-directed initiatives for a sustainable global environment and society.

Environmental Policy (Sanwa Group Environmental Policy)

Basic Philosophy

The Sanwa group aims for harmony between the global environment and the everyday life of people. We will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by addressing pertinently to environmental issues beginning with climate change, and by conducting business and offering products and services with consideration for the environment, all while taking a global point of view.

Basic Policies

  1. We will adhere to environmental laws and regulations and other requirements and maintain communication with stakeholders in the countries and regions where we do business.
  2. We will appropriately assess impacts on the environment, set objectives and goals, and continuously work for the preservation and improvement of the environment.
  3. We will contribute to prevention of global warming and realization of a circular economy through energy and resource conservation, waste reduction and recycling, as well as effective use of water resources.
  4. We will strive to prevent pollution through reduction of our environmental impact in all business processes, including development, sales, design, procurement, production, logistics, installation and maintenance services.
  5. We will promote development of products that help to mitigate and adapt to climate change and solve environmental problems, and will strive to raise the level of our technologies.
  6. We will inform everyone who works for the Sanwa Group about the environmental policy, and will conduct educational and information dissemination activities to increase awareness of environmental preservation.
  7. We will cooperate and collaborate with business partners and suppliers to reduce the environmental impact of the supply chain as a whole.

In order to promote the above policies, the Sanwa group will implement, maintain and continuously improve our environmental management system.

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In May 2022, the Sanwa Global Vision 2030 Mid-Term Management Plan 2024 set a emission reduction target of 10% (Sanwa Shutter Corporation) by FY2024 from the FY2019 level, in addition to the existing emission reduction target of 30% (Sanwa Shutter Corporation) by FY2030 from the FY2019 level. Furthermore, the Group aims to become a company that will continue to be sought after by society by promoting efforts to achieve carbon neutrality, aiming to achieve net zero CO2 emissions from business activities by 2050.

Promotion Framework

In August 2021, we established the Sustainability Committee chaired by the Representative Director and President of Sanwa Holdings in order to strengthen sustainability action, including conservation of the global environment, in addition to promoting CSR activities. While reporting to the Board of Directors and coordinating with various meeting bodies in Japan and overseas, the committee will work on promoting environmental strategies and measures and building a Group-wide environmental management system.

Certification of Environmental Management System (ISO14001)

In order to systematically and continuously roll out environmental conservation activities in accordance with the Sanwa Group Environmental Policy, we are promoting environmental management and working to improve environmental performance by acquiring certification of environmental management systems, including ISO 14001, at Group companies in Japan and overseas. We will continue working on steady implementation of the environmental management system.

Management System Certification Status

Compliance with Environmental Laws and Regulations

Through annual internal audits and external review by certification agencies, we confirm legal compliance and the effectiveness of implementation with respect to our goals. We have put together a system at each of our production bases to minimize environment damage in the event of an accident or disaster, and through plant tours, community dialogue, and other measures, we have established an emergency contact system in coordination with the community. There were no violations of environmental laws such as those related to preventing pollution in fiscal 2022.

Environmentally Friendly Design (3R design)

Sanwa Shutter Corporation is engaged in environmentally friendly product development from the planning stage based on our 3R Design Guidelines. Based on the concept of the 3R’s (reduce, reuse, and recycle), which is essential for realizing a recycling-oriented society, the company develops products with less of an environmental impact compared to existing ones by taking longer product life, reduction of the amount of raw materials used, reuse of packaging and boxes, and recycling into account in their design.

Fundamental 3R Design Guidelines

  • Reduce:Longer product lifetime, reduction of packaging material waste, and reduction of amount of materials used
  • Reuse:Reuse of packaging, boxes, and parts
  • Recycle:Design that takes into account separation and collection, use of recyclable materials, and use of recycled materials

Environmental Education

Since 2007, the Sanwa Group has held "Sanwa Environment Day" on June 10, in line with "Environment Month" (June), as designated by the Ministry of the Environment. We set this day to further promote the priorities of the Sanwa Group Environmental Policy - "Continuously work for the preservation and improvement of the environment" and "Endeavor to raise the awareness of environmental preservation of all people working for the Sanwa Group by ensuring they understand the Environmental Policy and by providing them with information about the environment.", organized the following multiple initiatives, starting with community cleanups.

Sustainable Way

  • A PVC curtain helps to prevent
    cold air leak from refrigerator.
  • Morning glory seeds were planted
    to make green curtains.

To raise awareness of the environment, employees share their ideas for environment-friendly initiatives at the office and at home. Ideas are divided into "office" and "individual" categories, and are presented to the whole company to be shared among all employees.
For "Sustainable Way 2022", all applicants are presented with a SDGs badge to spread understanding within the company and to raise awareness of the SDGs.

Environment Photo Competition

Sanwa holds an Environment Photo Competition to foster willingness to protect nature and raise environmental awareness. All entries are posted on our intranet.

  • FY2016 Grand Prize
    “Vast Panorama of Okunikko”
  • FY2018 Grand Prize
    “Looking Down over Terraced Rice Paddies from the Ruins of Shimo-Akasaka Castle”

Power Saving Competition

On Sanwa Environment Day in fiscal 2023, we held the Power Saving Competition to raise employee awareness of power saving and energy conservation.
As power costs continue to climb, we intend to reduce company-wide power consumption by using less power in an enjoyable, comfortable way while sharing power saving ideas throughout the company.