Quality Assurance and Enhancement


The Sanwa Group works to improve quality and safety, the primary responsibilities of a manufacturer, in all processes from development to sales, production, installation and maintenance.

Sanwa Group Quality Objectives

We will maintain and improve our corporate culture to earn the trust of society as befitting a major global player in access systems.

  1. Improve product safety
  2. Improve the quality of products and installation quality
  3. Improve the quality of services and business etiquette
  4. Increase traceability

Sanwa shutter Corporation Quality Objectives

Strengthen our corporate structure by ensuring product quality with a focus on customers and work sites.

  1. Eliminate the occurrence of complaints and financial losses by complaint analysis.
  2. Eliminate product accidents by reinforcing quality assurance procedure.
  3. Eliminate complaint intake of customer center by through the provision of education and training.

ODC Quality Objectives

  1. Offer the highest complete "Delivered Quality Rate" in the industry
  2. Instill a "Safety culture"
  3. Improve customer service and support

NF Group Quality Objectives

Establish "Easy to do business with Novoferm" model by offering high quality product, high reliability of delivery time and well-managed project.

  1. Reduce the quality ratio
  2. Enhance levels of safety

Asia Quality Objectives

  1. Reduce number of defects
  2. Reduce financial losses

Certification of Quality Management System (ISO 9001)

The Sanwa Group intends to improve customer satisfaction by providing consistent products and services, and we are encouraging the acquisition of ISO 9001 and other quality management system certifications at manufacturing sites. As of April 2023, the acquisition rate for the entire Group was 53.0%.

Management System Certification Status

Initiatives to Improve Product Safety

Product Quality and Safety Meetings

Product quality and safety meetings, led by the Quality Assurance Department, are held once a month as a way to prevent complaints and the reoccurrence of product-related accidents. The meetings are attended by managers from the manufacturing, development, installation, design and procurement departments.
In addition to discussions related to improving or altering product specifications, since fiscal 2018 talks have focused on perpetual topics that aim to further enhance quality.

Strengthening Installation Quality

As part of our efforts to enhance the quality of installation, we conducted welding training using VR(virtual reality) simulators, making it possible to determine the optimal speed and distance for the operation and an efficient acquisition of skill can be expected.

Other Initiatives

  • We have secured a consistent level of quality at our component suppliers by conducting on-site surveys, quality diagnostics sessions and process patrols at core component suppliers
  • We conduct on-site quality audits at core door subcontractors with the aim of ensuring compliance with quality-related rules
  • Trained and deployed plant inspectors
  • Trained and deployed internal plant auditors
  • Conducted training for quality control personnel
  • Created standard drawings as a basis for production specifications

Initiatives at Overseas Subsidiaries

  • ODC works to ensure quality by employing quality managers that provide training and guidance to pre-shipment inspectors and by implementing other measures related to quality improvements.
  • At NF Group, the on-time delivery rate, a quality ratio, as well as productivity, safety and inventory ratios have been set as key performance indicators (KPIs) that are common throughout the Group. Led by the person in charge of overall quality control, meetings are held every month with management, development and production managers, and factory directors with the aim of improving quality and safety.
  • At Asian subsidiaries, meetings of the Quality Council and study sessions are held regularly, examples of improvements following mistakes on work diagrams are shared and patrols and guidance for partner companies are conducted in order to achieve quality objectives.
    In 2019, people responsible for manufacturing at Vina-Sanwa and PT Sanwamas toured the production facilities and viewed the management system at the NF Group’s Schievano Plant (Italy) and Riexinger Plant (Germany). These plants use automation extensively. The goal is to promote reforms in door manufacturing in Asia. Through this sharing of know-how and regular interactions of personnel globally, we are improving productivity and increasing product quality around the world.


Providing High Quality by Enhancing Safety and Productivity

Sanwa Shutter Corporation is taking steps to save labor during installation through such means as an integrated shutter production method covering from advance assembly of heavy-duty shutter shafts and slats at a plant to delivery, as well as a non-fired production method in which a door is mounted without welding. This in turn increases safety and productivity at installation sites and ensures high quality through efficient operations.

Test Center

Test Center with latest equipment has acquired ISO/ICE17025 certification. In addition to evaluating the quality, performance and safety of Sanwa Group products and products procured both inside and outside Japan, the Test Center evaluates manufacturing technologies and conducts testing on behalf of external parties.

Supporting Product Development with High-Quality Testing

The Test Center assesses quality, performance and safety and evaluates manufacturing technologies for the Sanwa Group's products as well as products procured in Japan and overseas. We are able to make timely development and improvement of products based upon requests from customers as our products can be tested in our own facility. We will continue our efforts to raise the level of testing quality to contribute to improved quality in product development and manufacturing.

Overview of Main Facilities

Fire Protection and Fire Resistance Test Facility

With one of the world's largest refractory furnaces, the Test Center conducts fireproof performance tests (preliminary tests for certification and research tests) for fireproof equipment and specified fireproof equipment. Smoke generated in fire resistance tests is discharged after passing through a secondary incinerator to reduce environmental impact.

Combined Environmental Reliability Test Facility

This facility features a large open space and numerous functions to enable overall testing of products. It is used for conducting operating tests in environments with various temperature and humidity combinations; insulation tests; operating tests in snowy conditions using a snow maker; sound insulation tests; and testing of sound generated.

Large- and Small-scale Dynamic Wind Load Test Facility

This facility tests wind pressure resistance, airtightness and watertightness.

Wind and Rain Test Facility

This facility is used for observing behavior characteristics (including pulsation) in wind and rain.


Established a new sound insulation testing lab

The sound insulation testing lab
The sound insulation testing lab

In response to the diverse needs of our customers, in October 2022 we established a new sound insulation testing lab. It is equipped with an acoustic laboratory capable of measuring the equivalent of T-7 grade sound insulation (55 dB), exceeding the highest performance level (T-4grade, 40 dB) specified in the Japan Industrial Standards (JIS).

Securing and Training Installation Technicians

Implementation of the Periodic Inspection Reporting System for Fire Prevention Equipment

The periodic inspection reporting system for fire prevention equipment, a partial revision of the Building Standards Act, went into effect in June 2016. The purpose of this system is to prevent accidents occurring in cases of fire caused by malfunctioning fire prevention systems. Nationally qualified inspectors inspect the fire prevention system of a designated building and report the results to the local government.
In response, primarily at Sanwa Shutter Corporation, we have implemented training to secure a base of qualified inspectors who can conduct inspections and are promoting the acquisition of fire prevention equipment inspection certification.

Development of Safe, Secure Service Providers: Fire Prevention Equipment Periodic Inspection Skills Contest Held

Sanwa Shutter Corporation held a contest in May 2019 that brought together top-class installers from each region to pit their skills against each other. The top installers competed on all 22 technical items, including preparation and inspection work as well as manners. The main purpose is to work to improve the technical level and manners of installers, but one of the contest’s other aims is to record the work processes of the best people for training purposes, share those processes with installers across the country, and standardize them.
In the years to come, we will continue to provide social safety, security and convenience by improving the maintenance inspection and repair techniques of each and every one of our installers and building relationships of trust with our customers.