Regional and Social Contribution

Regional Contribution


The Sanwa Group develops business activities based on close connections with local residents and, as a good corporate citizen, conducts activities aimed at contributing to the independent development of the local community.

Community Cleanup

Our offices throughout the country participate in clean ups of their surrounding neighborhoods. More than 1,500 employees participate each year, benefiting the local community as well as the environment.

Promoting the use of local materials and regional revitalization

Wooden partitions using locally produced cedar lumber
Toilet booths made from local lumber

As a pioneer in wooden partitions, Sanwa System Wall, which joined the Sanwa Group in 2017, produces and markets wooden partitions made with locally produced lumber. This enables us to contribute to the revitalization of the local forestry industry and to be involved with building schools beloved by the community. In recent years, an increasing number of schools have selected wooden partitions made from local lumber to improve the learning environment, build ties with the local community, and to help preserve the environment. In 2017, Sanwa Shutter Corporation donated seven toilet booths to Tokushima Prefecture that featured doors made from Aizome (indigo-dyed) Tokushima cedar. These booths are the product of a joint development with a local company with technologies for dyeing wood with indigo. Aizome is a traditional industry of Tokushima Prefecture. The combination of the beautiful grain of Tokushima cedar and depth of the indigo color produces a calming effect. The surface is clear coated to improve water resistance and durability.


Building relationships with the community

Shanghai Baosteel-Sanwa Door has concluded a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the local residents’ association as part of its efforts to integrate with the community, and engages in regular exchange activities to create a better local community.
The MOU states that the parties will hold periodic community meetings and engage in activities for creating a better residential and living environment.

Social Contribution


The Sanwa Group shares its resources, including accumulated technology and human resources, with the local community and actively works to resolve social issues without seeking direct compensation.

Response to Large-scale Disasters

Whenever possible the Sanwa Group cooperates with related parties and provides support as soon as we can when a large-scale disaster, such as a natural disaster, strikes.

Donations List

  Disaster Recipients
Fiscal 1994 Great Hanshin Earthquake Hyogo Prefecture
Fiscal 2004 Chuetsu Earthquake Niigata Prefecture
Fiscal 2004 Sumatra Earthquake and Indian Ocean Tsunami Japanese Red Cross Society
Fiscal 2007 Chuetsu Offshore Earthquake Niigata Prefecture and city of Kashiwazaki
Fiscal 2008 Great Sichuan Earthquake, China Government of China
Fiscal 2010 Foot-and-mouth disease outbreak, Miyazaki Prefecture Miyazaki Prefecture
Fiscal 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake* Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima prefectures
Fiscal 2011 Donation of relief funds for floods in Thailand Royal Thai Embassy, Tokyo
Fiscal 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake Kumamoto Prefecture
Fiscal 2017 Torrential rains in northern Kyushu Fukuoka Prefecture
Fiscal 2017 Hurricane Harvey American Red Cross Society
Fiscal 2018 The Heavy Rain Event of July 2018 Hiroshima, Okayama and Ehime prefectures
Fiscal 2018 The 2018 Hokkaido Eastern Iburi Earthquake Hokkaido
Fiscal 2019 Fire devastates at Shuri-jo castle Okinawa Prefecture and city of Naha

*After the Great East Japan Earthquake struck, Sanwa Group companies and employees overseas also sent their heartfelt sympathies.

Evacuation Center Privacy Partitions

In 2016, the Sanwa Group launched the sale of special partitions for evacuation centers made from easy-to-assemble plastic panels that offer privacy to people sheltering after a disaster. Privacy is a welcome relief to people forced to stay in shelters and the concept is based on the idea of providing support to a disaster zone by reducing stress.


Social Contribution to Fight against COVID-19

Japan(Okinawa Sanwa Shutter)

●Okinawa Sanwa Shutter donated 1,100 face shields for preventing the spread of COVID-19 to local medical institutions, senior care facilities, elementary and junior high schools, and organizations supporting people with disabilities as part of our social contribution to address health issues in the community.


●At ODC, two employees from the installation department joined a local charity group and delivered meals to firefighters, police officers, hospital staff, etc. every morning before starting work for about one month.

Europe(NF Group)

●The NF Group of companies made donations and carried out activities tailored to community needs to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and to mitigate its impact.

NF France:Donation of surgical masks and disposable personal protective clothing to local fire departments and hospitals
NF Poland:Provision of 5,000 free meals to healthcare professionals
NF Netherlands:Volunteer clothes washing at local senior care facilities with a shortage of employees due to COVID-19 as a voluntary initiative of employees.

Asia(Shanghai Baosteel-Sanwa Door)

●Shanghai Baosteel-Sanwa Door has also donated face masks worth 3,000 yuan to local communities.

Sanwa Group Social Contribution Club

The Sanwa Group Social Contribution Club was established in November 2006 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the company's founding. The club's purpose is to contribute to society through the active participation of member employees in donations and other social contribution activities. As of the end of March 2020, the total amount of the club's donations exceeded 59 million yen.

Operational Framework

The Corporate Communications Department at Sanwa Holdings Corporation serves as the secretariat for the club and holds steering committee meetings five times a year. Several members of the steering committee are elected from members of the Sanwa Group Social Contribution Club and conduct work associated with the activities of the club, including deciding on recipients for donations collected by members and organizing volunteer activities.

Donation Activities

Beneficiaries of donations <Amount donated in FY2019: 5.4 million yen> Volunteer Activities

  • Childline Support Center Japan (Donations since fiscal 2006)
  • Family House® (Donations since fiscal 2006)
  • Make-A-Wish® of Japan (Donations since fiscal 2007)
  • ATOPICCO Network for Children of the Earth (Donations since fiscal 2007)
  • JEAN (General Incorporated Association) (Donations since fiscal 2012)
  • JOICFP (Donation since fiscal 2012)
  • Nanbyonet (National Support Network for Children with Intractable Diseases) (Donations since fiscal 2012)
  • Kidsdoor (Donations since fiscal 2015)
  • Paralym Art (Donations since fiscal 2017)


Since fiscal 2017, we have provided donations to Paralym Art, which is run by SHOUGAISHA JIRITSU SUISHIN KIKOU ASSOCIATION. Paralym Art is a program that promotes the social participation and economic independence of people with disabilities by using art created by them, based on the philosophy “creating a world where people with disabilities can fulfill their dreams with art.” We asked an artist from Paralym Art to create the logo for Sanwa Group Social Contribution Club in order to increase the club’s visibility, drive up membership, and promote understanding of art made by people with disabilities. The theme of the logo is “global, love, and peace.”

Volunteer Activities

  • A local shopping street clean up activity as part of training for new employees
  • A Kugenuma beach clean up activity organized by "JEAN"
  • A enclosing and distributing activity organized by "Childline Support Center Japan"
  • "Art class" organized by "Kidsdoor" and Sanwa Tajima (domestic subsidiary)
  • A cloth cutting activity for Cambodian woman and children organized by "caring for young refugees"

volunteer leave program

Sanwa Shutter Corporation encourages employees to take part in volunteer activities using the volunteer leave program, where five days of paid leave can be used for volunteering.


Art Class, a collaborative project between Sanwa Tajima and NPO Kidsdoor, awarded prize at the 4th Corporate Volunteer Awards(February 2019)

Sanwa Tajima Corporation was awarded the “Startup Encouragement Award” at the 4th Corporate Volunteer Awards in recognition of its “art class” initiative that takes place in October each year, in collaboration with Kidsdoor, a non-profit organization.

The art class started when the secretariat of the Sanwa Group Social Contribution Club, a volunteer organization engaged in social contribution activities that include making donations and undertaking volunteer work, contacted Kidsdoor, which the club started donating to in fiscal 2015, and the design department at Sanwa Tajima. The project is currently in its third year. In October every year, children participating in activities at Kidsdoor make Halloween wreaths for front doors, with the support of design department staff.
The art class helps convey the joy of art and expand the future potential of the children that take part. Going forward we will continue to hold the class and contribute to society through our core business.

Social Contribution Activities of Overseas Group Companies

ODC has selected the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, which provides after-school programs that help young people to build strong character and reach their potential, as a beneficiary of its charitable donations, and conducts fund-raising activities at each of its business locations.

  • Head Office: Egg Decorating Contest
    Works made in an Easter egg decorating contest were auctioned off and the proceeds donated.
  • TODCO: Donation of school supplies

The following donation activities were conducted at other ODC's business locations.

  • The Thermacore plant participates in fundraising events sponsored by the Kiwanis Club.
  • The Genie head office held a 5km run event to raise funds for the American Cancer Society.

NF Group contributes to society through donations to various charitable organizations every year.
In 2017, we donated to Mission Lifeline, which conducts maritime rescues, particularly the rescue of refugees in the Mediterranean Sea. Many people are forced to make perilous voyages across the Mediterranean on dangerous boats in search of peace and a safer life. This organization cooperates with other rescue organizations to save as many lives as possible.
In 2018, we made donations to two hospices for children and Kindness for Kids, a foundation that assists children with rare diseases and their families.
In addition, some areas on the site of Alpha Deuren International B.V. are made available (free of charge) to food banks.
In fiscal 2019, we donated 6,000 euros to Heimlich Erfolgreich e.V. Association, an organization for youth development, and Klinik Augusta Hospital, specializing in neurological diseases such as Parkinson's, both located in Haledern/Rees, the site of NF headquarters.

Days of giving program
(Shanghai Baosteel-Sanwa Door)

Each year in April, Shanghai Baosteel-Sanwa Door conducts a program in which employees donate one day’s salary to various causes. The donated funds will be used to help pay for the living expenses of employees in need of further assistance and school fees for their children, as well as other charitable activities.
In addition, Shanghai Baosteel-Sanwa Door, donated 2,000 RMB to a community event for seniors.
All our companies make social contributions. NF (Shanghai) provided free of charge the doors to the exhibition space of a testing facility used by the Shanghai Fire Department. AN-HO METAL INDUSTRIAL donated receipts with lottery tickets collected from employees to a nursing care facility for seniors in a vegetative state and in need of care. SANWA SHUTTER (H.K.) co-sponsored a marathon for charity. Vina-Sanwa donated five million VND during the Lunar New Year to a fund for people living in poverty.