Human Resource Development

Human Resource Development


The Sanwa Group focuses on the development of human resources capable of creating value by enhancing systems and work environments enabling employees to maximize their capabilities based on the view that human resources are vital management assets.
To ensure fair evaluations and treatment, we are working to uphold the minimum wage and maintain wage levels that allow employees to have job satisfaction based on the labor market and actual situation of each country and region.


In May 2022, we set KPIs that are linked to our ESG material issues. For Human Resource Development, we set the following targets.

Targets(KPI) Target Year Achievements
and progress
in fiscal 2022
Future challenges
Number of e-learning (English) participants:200 FY2024 169 ・Implementation of training to address digitalization and diversity
Number of correspondence education's participants:1,000 693

Training system (Group Companies in Japan)

Training system

Fostering human resources who will drive the Sanwa Group’s growth

Sanwa Management Training School
Sanwa Management Training School
Global trainees(ODC)
Global trainees (ODC)

Sanwa Shutter Corporation introduced a new training system called the “Sanwa Professional Human Resources Training Plan.” Through job rotations over the course of two years, this system provides new college graduates who entered the company in fiscal 2019 with the opportunity to learn about the Company’s core operations of sales, installation, factory work, and design. The goal of this system is to ensure closer cooperation between production, sales, and engineering, as well as to train human resources that can make decisions through a comprehensive, optimized field of view.
We conduct ”training by managerial level” and ”training by subject” purpose-specific training. This training by managerial level includes rank-based training, such as follow-up training for employees in their second/third years, for mid-career new employees, and for newly appointed managers. In addition as part of the training by subject, we offer the Sanwa Management Training School to educate next-generation leaders at the Group and a one-year international training program at ODC to foster global human resources.
We also provide correspondence courses and have a program in place that defrays the cost of tuitions for eligible courses. Many employees use these courses to improve their foreign language skills or to obtain public certifications. (The number of employees taking correspondence courses in fiscal 2022: 693.)
As a part of human resource exchange, 20 employees were sent to ODC, NF group, and Asian subsidiaries from Japan. This exchange fosters a sense of solidarity within the Group by disseminating the Sanwa Group's vision and strategy and by coordinating with overseas employees.


Career enhancement training (for female employees) conducted since FY 2022


Since fiscal 2022 we have held new career development training sessions designed for female employees who have worked for the Group for ten or more years. The training is part of our human resource development for future management candidates, and is also an opportunity for individual career development. Through the training, participants consider the unique characteristics women possess and the career challenges they face.
With a renewed outlook on their current work and life, they see themselves in a more positive light, fostering their drive for career development.

Securing and Training Installation Technicians

Installation Training Center

Sanwa Shutter Corporation has established a high level and scaled development base for strengthening the skills of installation technicians and for continuous recruitment and training. We began establishing specialist training facilities in 2008 with the purpose of strengthening education for installers, and are working to improve installation quality and related skills.
At the Installation Training Center over 1,000 people are actively improving their skills and product developers and installation technicians with exceptional abilities give lectures including "freshman installation technicians training" and "product installation qualification training" that grants installation qualification based on 19 categories and 105 kinds of products. We also endeavor to develop installation technicians with the capability to install various kinds of products.